Sunday, January 25, 2009

Restful Day

Okay, we took the Lord's day litterly today, we slept! After church we had lunch together, and put everyone down for a nap. Mike and I also laid down and I slept for 3 hours - whose ever heard of such a thing! I feel good for the first time in months, now maybe I should start heading to bed a little earlier each night to continue this feeling. Marc's lip is looking much better, still quite gross, but at least the bleeding has stopped and the lip has closed up. Now Marc is playing up that he can't eat b/c it hurts his lip - he has been eating his "tractors" constantly. Marc is also learning to do "bubbles" in the potty right now, I can't believe my little one is becoming a big boy! Isn't it funny how one grows up right when the next is coming, I guess the Lord knows that transition is coming and he helps the little one become the big one. We are watching RV right now, the kids are still up watching and I'm not sure that this is going to work. We will see what this is about.

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