Saturday, January 24, 2009

Poor little Marc

We had a pretty good day today, and then Marc split his little lip open. After calling cousin Julie, we decided not to take him to get stitches, but it looks bad. His little teeth went into his bottom lip and man can a lip bleed. I had to take care of him on the floor b/c I started getting woozy. He seems okay, but he keeps crying that his lip hurts. Hopefully tomorrow it will look much better. Flashback to Friday, we went out to Macados with the Dahirs and had a really nice time. Holly watched the kids and they had a wonderful time too. I am really thankful for our babysitter! Plus, Mike was able to sell two of the vehicles today - school bus and Daisy, so the new and bigger school bus is now paid for. Little blessings/miracles seem to keep popping up - I am very thankful for this!

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