Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Feeling good today!

Today had quite a few good things about it, actually a lot of good things. That was nice for a change! Today, I had the day off and the 2 older kids went to school so I got to scrap some. Quite refreshing and relaxing - I think I will be taking a day each week for me maybe I can keep going that way. I scrapped a page for SD4U's biggest loser challenge, we needed to use brads, buttons, ribbons, number stickers, stickles, and 5 patterned papers - I got everything on and I think it looks really nice. I actually found a combo of paper to use for baby announcements so time to plan that next. Today, we had our 2nd ultrasound. Everything is fine with the baby which was quite a relief. At the moment I am still facing an ultrasound at 36 weeks due to a complete placenta previa. I'm okay with this now, it has taken me awhile to come to grips with anything being wrong with my pregnancy, but I'm okay now. Today, we recieved news that we will be going to settlement for the construction loan next week. Finally our house might actually be happening; this is a miracle! Told you it was a good day! Today, Anthony lost his first tooth. It is hard to believe my little boy is old enough to have holes in his mouth. I can't wait to see what his big boy teeth look like - his baby ones are soooo tiny! Daddy took him to Walmart right away to get his prize, he decided to come home with a VSmile Car cartridge and is quite pleased with himself. He keeps running his tongue around his mouth, he is quite intrigued with his hole.
So, what will tomorrow bring???

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  1. I am glad to hear you are feeling better and had a good day. I am enjoying your blog