Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stop on in!

Today was definitely a day when people stopped in. We got to see Miss Betty today who was on her way home from TN. So good to visit, I think the last time was before Christmas! Then Miss Katy stopped in to say hi to Miss Betty. We've been missing Miss Katy so it was good to see her again also. Who would have ever thought that I'd see more people stop by my "house" now then when we really had a house! Gone is the days of not getting ready in the morning! Today was dance day and worship practice. We tried some Taco Bell and it was pretty good. Covered another Alg II today for another teacher. Time for bed! Here are some layouts I completed yesterday for different sketches (one at 52 sketches and one for SD4U):

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  1. your blog couture looks FAB!!1 so cute... adn i love your pages! thanks for sharing!