Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Springtime - not really

Today was a beautiful day out, very springy, but the temp was still a little cold! I had to wake the boys from their naps to go pick up Buggie and didn't put on jackets, they were shivering b/c they were so cold! Poor things. I am really looking forward to spring weather and it doesn't seem like this area can decide what temp it should be at. Tracy did a paint project at school today during art so when she got home she had to show the boys so they have been creating all night. It is a picture of all their hands, this might be one that I will actually hold on to! Marc kept saying he had to go potty and actually grabbed daddy's hand to help him put "bubbles" in the potty. He stood there for probably 5 minutes and actually put bubbles in the potty so he got his potty prize. He is quite proud of himself right now. I'm not sure that I am ready for this potty business again, I'm not very good at it. Tomorrow is another u/s for me at 30 weeks, I guess we will see find out what to expect then (hopefully).

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