Thursday, December 23, 2010

2 more days!

The kids are nuts! I made them do schoolwork through yesterday, but today was supposed to be cleaning day and I needed the help. Needless to say, they had their dusting done by 9am and have tried running wild the rest of the time. Hopefully Mike will be able to stay home tomorrow and he can keep a lid on them. I need to finish cleaning, make the desserts, and still finish a present. Thank goodness the present I was waiting on from UPS is finally in my hands - Mike met up with the truck on the road yesterday and stopped the driver - the guy was so relieved to not have to attempt our driveway again! (Can't say I blame him either.) I just made some PB chocolate chippers and I need to ice a few more sugar cookies for Mike - he goes to town on them everytime he enters the door. I'm hoping to make another batch of molasses also for my parents, but we will see. Mike and I got a few hours out yesterday - drs appt, mall, lunch, grocery/Christmas shopping and now I am ready for the big day. Drs appt went well, but baby is growing larger/quicker than it should so if things continue this way I will need another ultrasound to see if it is b/c of fluid or if this is just a big baby. Nothing to drastic just an early delivery, but we need to schedule a date anyway so that I am able to make sure Vinny is well taken care of when this little one enters the world. Only 9 weeks to go hard to believe - and a little scary. I've never been too concerned before, but this time and especially with Vinny's meds I wonder can I handle another one. Too late for that now! :) I guess after Christmas my next project will be bringing up baby clothes and washing them.

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