Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

So this year Jesus must have a major sweet tooth b/c He has requested (through little mouths) a cheesecake and a marble cake with chocolate icing for His birthday cake! I think the kids are catching on; it is amazing what Vinny "asks" for and now Jesus. Oh, well everything is made and waiting for the candles - Tracy said we need 8, hmmm... This is apart of our traditions that have carried over from my childhood - we always have had a birthday cake for Jesus and sing Happy Birthday and now it has passed to me and my kids. I hadn't realized how many traditions we have but the list keeps getting longer - we have candles in the window, I write a Christmas letter with picture, daddy takes the kids shopping, and that's all that I can think of right now.
Mike took all the kids last night shopping and I had a little time to myself - I felt so uncomfortable so I decided to hit something else on my to do list b/c I couldn't just sit in the big quiet house! :)
I've baked a bunch more today and I'm still putting the finishing touches on my grandparents album; each year I do a mini album of our year. Mike is busying finishing the tile in my kitchen right now and put a layer of stain on our stairs - thank goodness it is the right color of stain this time!
I will leave you with a layout I did with Crate Paper from my December Scrapbook Circle kit - Christmas Preparations: things that we do/have around the house for Christmas, the pp was actually the rings Marc cut off each night from our countdown to Christmas.
Merry Christmas everyone, I pray that you will experience miracles tomorrow just as the long ago miracle that gave us Jesus!

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