Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4 days until Christmas

I have one more present to complete - right now, but the internet is so much fun! :) A few more presents to wrap. I have 2 presents that are floating in the UPS system right now - I'm afraid they haven't been delivered yet b/c of our driveway - hopefully we can catch up to them and get them before Christmas. Made some more cookies again last night as Mike has decided they are his favorites and so that means they are gone along with a gallon of milk! We might need more than our normal 5 for the week the way this is going - thank goodness for my milk fridge. :) So everyone is looking ahead right now to 2011 and planning, organizing, and making resolutions - as most know I am super organized all the time and I love to plan and as to resolutions I'm not much into them. I prefer to not make things that I will break, but this year I took a step to hopefully bring a dream into reality this year. I really want to see my layouts published and be on a DT team - well it is hard to accomplish this if you won't actually submit anything - so I submitted. Maybe by this time next year I will have made my one resolution! :) My other one that will definitely be possible is loose this baby weight - but at least that is achieved by nature (somewhat).

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