Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So my blog turned Christmasy

Thanks to Webster's Pages and a week of inspiration I now have a Christmas blog. Hopefully, I will be able to remember how to change it when Christmas is over, but I am thrilled. Our house is all ready for Christmas - decorations, presents, cookies, and we've even already given a Christmas party. Now to finish up a little more school before I let the kids off the hook for a few days. Actually, it is easier for them to continue with their school b/c they get into so much more trouble when I let them have a free day! I've been very busy in my scrapbook room lately finishing up both the inspiration from Websters and also Christmas presents that I hope to give. I think I only have to more to finish, hmmm or maybe 3... The list never ends it seems. As to the status of our house; nothing new. We've met with 2 realtors and now are waiting for them to get back to us. Go figure, they aren't selling anything and everyone in the area only lists about 6-10 houses and yet we are still waiting for someone to get around to getting our house on the market. Mike and I really aren't sure what we are supposed to do - neither one thinks selling is the answer and seeing how long houses are on the market nowdays wouldn't do much good anyway. Life was so much more peaceful years ago - only 2 kids, a solid financial background, a finished and furnished house. But then again, we've had so many experiences since we obeyed the Lord and followed where He was leading how can we even begin to compare. I'm amazed lately at the church the Lord has brought us to. I think for the first time in almost 4 years we are somewhere that we will actually be able to learn again and not just share what we know. We've seen amazing things happen in worship lately - so different from the "rock concert" of our first weeks there. And for the first time since old Immanuel we are apart of a real family again with the worship team - such a blessing. I am continually reminded of how good the Lord is - sometimes it isn't the way we hoped, but His blessings continue to pour out in ways that are good.

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