Friday, January 28, 2011

Some more thoughts...

As I worked on getting a better picture of my canvas I had a thought that jumped into my mind (this is called hearing the Lord speak - it often happens when we have been pondering His Word, meditating). If I will believe the things He has promised me then I can enjoy THIS moment because I have surrendered to His will and thus I have rest because the promise has already been provided for. In rest I can fight because I already believe it WILL happen. But another factor in believing that promises will come true is I must also believe that God is good - not just to others - but to me! This is so hard for most of us; we believe we are worthy, that we have flaws, that we couldn't really be loved by the Lord. But the Lord tells us that we are His chosen ones, we are His inheritance, He chose us before the beginning of time, we are the apple of His eye. We do make mistakes but the Lord has built in a way to be clean - we ask His forgiveness and then we are washed clean - white as freshly fallen snow - then we can come BOLDLY into the throne room. Now that is something to ponder!

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