Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have all the kids in bed and am waiting for Mike to get home from worship practice so I thought I'd stop in and update things a bit here. This week is going much better than last did - I don't feel like I am going to tear my hair out which is a good thing. Unfortunately, my physical body isn't quite keeping up with my emotions as my body is protesting all the things I want to do even though my mind says things are good! So, today I played in my scrapbook room and ditched the chores (I needed to rest, right?). These aren't all from today, but I didn't finish up the little touches on these, made a new layout, and worked on my backgrounds for my she art class. So all in all today was a very good day - scrapping, schoolwork with the kids, made a real meal - success! Here is the traditional layout I do for all the kids with the important information. For some reason I can't get this to photograph well, oh well it looks great in person! :) These are the pictures that we have taken with each child - Daddy holding the newest and Mommy still totally out of it holding the little one. I made a layout a few years ago with me in my traditional pose holding Tracy, then Anthony and Marc - I guess I will have to make a new one with Vinny and Gino's added. Who would have ever thought we'd have 5 children??? I know Mike sure didn't! He didn't want any kids to start with, then by the time we got married we had compromised his 0 and my 12 to 2. When Mike decided he wanted an Excursion I made him promise to give me 4 kids - to fill up the truck. Now, he is already talking about #6! Unfortunately, the truck is full so we are going to have to call it quits. Plus, I think my body would fall apart with another one. Thank goodness for pain meds! :)

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  1. Haha! What's one more when you already have 5! sorry you are hurting, I hope you heal soon!